Recent Features

The following features by Alasdair Forbes were published recently in various magazines or newspapers in Asia. More will be posted soon:

Uncomfortable sightseeing: With the long-neck Karen.

Getting High with The Buddha: Wat Phu Soong

Rolling Stock: Why the Mae Klong Market is special

Light Work: Ian Potter (PDF 90kb)

The Body Bloke: Finding corpses after the tsunami (PDF, 46 kB )

Goodbye pointy roofs: The new architecture of Phuket (PDF 109 kb)

Gorton’s Vision: An architect’s view (PDF 66 kb)

The Green Guy: Landscape Architect Ross Palmer (PDF, 188 kB)

Fractional ownership of holiday homes: Fractionally Better? (PDF, 161 kB)

Phuket’s marine tourism boom: Opening the Gates (PDF, 138 kB)

Water Wings: The Coral Reef Squadron (Web page)

High End, High Hopes: Luxury Homes Sector Doing Better Than Most (Web Page)

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