What we can do for you


  • Produce stories for publication. We have a number of writers on call who offer, between them, a variety of styles, from serious business journalism to humorous columns.
  • Provide business, lifestyle or news features for commercial clients, which can be ‘tweaked’ to highlight the client – a subtle form of PR that we have found to be very effective when it comes to placing stories in magazines or newspapers.
    • Write ‘traditional’ PR pieces for clients who prefer a more straightforward approach.
    • Provide editing services, producing sharp, clear, concise copy from the most jumbled of originals. If you’re not sure whether there’s an apostrophe in “Bargain’s” or you can’t see anything wrong with the staff of a major pizza company wearing T-shirts that say “So good you can almost taste it”, then you need our editing services. Why work so hard on your product, only to look foolish because of cockeyed English?
    • Provide photographs (currently Thailand only) to accompany articles, or to order. We are affiliated to a number of professional photographers who can provide high-quality pictures speedily and efficiently. We also have links to cartoonists and illustrators.
      • Provide text for websites, along with advice on structure and what will draw visitors deeper into the site. We also have links with professional graphic designers and software experts, allowing us to build anything from an attractive shop window for your company to a highly interactive portal for e-commerce.
        • Design everything from advertisements to flyers, brochures, sales kits and complete magazines or books. We can also organise high-quality printing at very reasonable rates.


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